The Jaisalmer Fort

Jaisalmer fort, the second oldest fort in Rajasthan was built in 1156 A D. It was founded by the Bhatti Rajput chieftain Rawal Jaisal. The fort perched on the Trikuta hill at a height of
250 feet stands as protector over the desert with its long stretching wallss
following the curves of the hills. The colossal wall 250 feet tall has 99
bastion has a confined meandering lanes and four mammoth gateways.
Almost one quater of the town's population resides inside the fort. Outside the fort, is the main market place called Manek Chowk. Architecture Jaisalmer Fort is a five story architectural monument embellished
balconies and windows that exhibition some of the foremost
artistic works typical of Rajput style. Cluster of exquisite carved Jain temples built between
the 12th and 15th century are the main source of attraction.
It is engaging to meander around the place. The fort walls
offer marvelous views over the Old City and adjoining desert.
The Aksya Pole is the entrance gate of the fort.
Across the road lie the gate names Suraj-Pole constructed by Maharawal Bhim. The topmost part,
a curvilinear Toran is embellished with a figure of Sun. There is
a figure of Ganesh and Sun installed in 1679 AD. on the outer wall
between Suraj Pole and the Ganesha Pole. Hawa Pole also called as a Wind Pole was constructed
during the 17th century AD is a enormous gateway girdled by carved palaces and courtyard.
Population of merchants and shop owners living within
its walls crowds the fort. The small lanes are surrounded with number of houses, temples, and shops.

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